Identity Manchester launches new backup service for DTF trade

A few months ago we received a phone call from a major brand. Both of their machines had gone down and they were waiting for an engineer.

They were totally transparent and upfront, in telling us that they were possible competition, but, could we help?

Being the friendly Mancunians that we are, we said ‘no problem’ and ‘how can we help?’

From that moment on, word went around the trade and we have become a backup as well as providing production capacity when other places are overwhelmed with orders.

It helps if you’re dealing with like-minded people who understand timelines and costs.

Our set up

We currently have 4 Resolute machines and currently in the throes of buying a 5th such is current demand for our services. As well as offering DTF for Garments we also offer DTF Powderless suitable for Polyester and DTF UV for most substrates – these are especially sought after by multi product promotion companies.

DTF for Polyester

We’ve invested in a Resolute powderless machine. This is specially aimed at the Gym and Sports market as it is ideal for polyester garments where the finish is super soft.

We see the ability to put full colour and photographic images on these garments –  we see it as a game changer in the industry.

DTF UV for Substrates

Same application principle as DTF, it is suitable for water bottles, glassware to name a few. It opens up a whole new offer for companies that momentarily only consider fashion garments and work wear.

As a case study, this process has been a big hit with local Breweries – as you can offer NMQs (just one sheet) and on a variety of glassware and products

The product for application is supplied to the end user which comes available in size 43cm x 27.5cm sheets , artwork needs to be at least 300dpi in Vector or PNG transparent background.

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