Core fashion basics

VAN104 and VAN503

Vanilla’s core fashion basics are optimised for sublimation printing. Consisting of 15 polyester-rich garments, the launch collection offers premium quality and outstanding value for money.

Vanilla recognises that retailers have developed a preference for vivid, detailed transfers and sublimation is a brilliant method by which to achieve them.

Due to ink being infused within the garment under heat transfer, dye sublimation delivers superb quality and a print permanence that is either unachievable or considerably more expensive when using other decoration techniques.

Sublimation not only produces sharp, detailed images, but also provides a relatively affordable introduction to the decoration market. A sublimation printer typically costs a few hundred pounds, as does a heat press. Add in a computer, some inks and papers and you’re ready to go.

More markets to target

Whereas in the past, this method was limited to just white polyester, that’s no longer true. With the launch of Vanilla’s premium fashion basics, there are now even more markets to target.

Vanilla identified core fashion basics and replicated these styles and fits in 100% polyester or polyester-rich (65/35 polycotton) fabrics, which are optimised for sublimation printing in order to fill an obvious gap in the market.

One-off and low-volume dye sublimation prints are cheap to produce and thanks to this new range of contemporary styles in contemporary fits, it’s now possible to create retail-ready designs on an exciting choice of garments.


A hero product in the launch collection is the VAN105 Men’s Pocket Tee. This cleverly thought out T shirt is 100% cotton with a 100% polyester white pocket. This composition offers decorators the choice of either masking round the pocket with Vanilla application tape (VANAT) or applying an A4 sublimation transfer over the entire pocket prior to washing. Since this tee is 100% cotton, sublimation ink doesn’t bond to the main part of the tee, instead only the polyester pocket – creating a clean, crisp-edged print.

The yoke of the Pocket Tee is also 100% polyester, which enables brands to print their own logo or design on the inside back neck as a way of adding extra value. This subtle feature allows decorators to bolster their brand image and command a premium when selling online or into retailers.

Another key product is the men’s VAN103 White Panel Tee, which has a 100% polyester front panel. The rest of the garment constructed from a 65/35 polycotton composition. This style is another that’s exploded onto the retail scene and is essentially a blank T shirt that can be printed in full-colour from top to bottom. It overcomes the problem of untidy overlapping, where dye-sublimation prints are used across an entirely white polyester T shirt. This approach often leaves unwanted white marks across seams and where material creases, resulting in a lower quality finished garment.

Available in a range of striking contrast-colour sleeves, Vanilla’s baseball tees are a flagship pairing within the launch collection. These timeless tees are available in both men’s and women’s, with both featuring a Raglan sleeve design.

The slim-fit men’s VAN104 is 180gsm and constructed from 100% polyester, while the women’s 3/4 sleeve VAN503 is slightly more lightweight at 160gsm and made from 65/35 polycotton all-over. The drape and shape of the women’s curved hem benefits from having some cotton in the fabric composition, without spoiling its flattering feminine fit.

The 65/35 Tee (men’s VAN102, women’s VAN502) is, as the name suggests, a 65% polyester, 35% cotton style that’s available in a choice of white and silver melange with an added pink melange option in women’s and light blue option in men’s. These T shirts are ideal for producing upmarket, muted designs such as vintage logos and music merchandise


The Raglan Hoodie (VAN201) is made from 250gsm 65/35 polycotton and comes in a choice of white and silver melange. The new hoodie, along with the brand’s 65/35 Raglan Sweatshirts (men’s VAN200 and women’s VAN600) offers decorators and their customers the flexibility in styles that’s required when creating a comprehensive fashion brand.

The sweats can be teamed with the Men’s Jogger (VAN300) and Women’s Short (VAN701), which are both made from the same 250gsm polycotton fabric.

The range is rounded off with Subli Vests (men’s VAN100 and women’s VAN500) and Subli Tees (men’s VAN101, women’s VAN501), both made from a 180gsm, white 100% polyester making them perfect for all-over prints. As with all Vanilla garments, they come with a removable sticker rather than a stitched label, making them quick and easy to decorate or rebrand.

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