Kingly introduce the Upcycled Denim Project

Kingly is happy to introduce a stunning collection of upcycled denim products – aprons, bags, hats, earrings, table cloths and many more. It is a harmonious symbiosis of creativity and eco-consciousness. Each piece is crafted with the utmost care, transforming discarded denim into beautiful, functional brandable items. All of these items can be impregnated with the Polygiene Stays Fresh Technology for an even greater sustainability impact. It allows garments to stay fresh and odour-free, so they can be washed less frequently.

Kingly’s upcycled denim products can be branded by using embroidery and DTG printing with GOTS-certified sustainable inks. Embroidery can be used to add our client’s logo and brand name. The texture of denim provides a sturdy canvas for intricate embroidery work, ensuring your branding is durable and eye-catching. DTG printing can be used to cover a significant portion of the item with a colourful or intricate design. This method can be used for more intricate or colourful designs on the crown or brim of denim hats. It allows for detailed graphics and gradients that may be challenging with traditional embroidery.


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