New Permaset website with excellent help and support section

The new Permaset features an improved user experience and an excellent Help Centre

Alongside continuous product improvement, Colormaker Industries has been developing its communications in 2021/22.

The business launched a new Permaset website on June 2, 2022, with improved user experience, plus an excellent Help and Support section.

The new Permaset website provides in-depth technical information, tutorials, FAQs, advice and inspiration for screen printers, all in one place. Take a look at


The new Permaset website includes some terrific educational resources including an e-book advising how to make Permatone reductions

New Permaset educational resources

In addition to some great tutorials and FAQs, the new Permaset website includes some exciting new educational resources including blogs about Working with Colour when using Permaset Inks, and tips on how to reduce ink colours to achieve a range of tints to get the best mileage out of Permaset Inks with Permaset Print Pastes.

Product improvements: Permatone organic ink range

Colormaker Industries, the sustainable manufacturer behind Permaset Inks, is a committed environmentalist. Colormaker developed the Permatone organic screen printing ink range because it really wanted to help reduce the impact of textile printing on the environment, as well as making screen printing safer for their customers.

The Permatone Ink range is safer for both the printer and the wearer of the garment. Permatone Ink also delivers crisp images with durable, soft and long-lasting prints that, when printed on organic fabrics such as organic cotton, hemp, linen, wood, seaweed, soybean and coconut fibre, result in a garment that retains its organic integrity.

The PERMATONE matching system is made up of 12 bases; including nine colours plus black, a blending white and extender (print paste) that can mix over 1,869 colours

Given the need for more immediate action to address global warming, Colormaker was pleased to recently note the third anniversary of its impressive 100kW solar installation going live. In that time, Colormaker has saved over 460 tonnes of GHGs. All Permaset and Permatone Inks are thus made with 100% renewable energy. Colormaker has one EV for local deliveries and is slated to have three more EVs in the stable by early 2023. A 14kWh battery was installed in July and a much bigger (144kWh) battery will further improve energy independence.

What are the main differences between Permatone Inks and traditional inks?

Permatone inks are water-based and eco-friendly. They do not contain any solvents, phthalate or trimelitate plasticisers nor PVC resin and are much safer for the printer and the person that eventually wears the garment.

Permatone Inks are much safer for the environment. They do not give off VCM fumes while curing, nor leach plasticisers into the skin of the person wearing the garment nor into washing water, that results in endocrine disrupting activity in fish and other animal populations.

Screens can be cleaned up with water, rather than needing solvents and you can achieve a much softer handle and genuinely print wet-on-wet through 120 T mesh (305tpi), rather than needing to flash after every second screen. This translates into faster throughput and a lighter environmental footprint.

Why should printers switch to Permatone water-based screen printing inks?

There is a whole range of reasons to choose Permatone Inks:

1) Permatone Inks are a premium quality, highly pigmented range of water-based inks. There are only 12 bases in the range, so inventory can be kept to a minimum. This tight range can be easily used to match 1,869 colours, including company logos and special brand colours.

2) Permatone Inks are safe for the screen printer, the end-user and the environment. There are no nasty chemicals to breathe in, to touch delicate skin nor to leach into the environment.

Soft organic baby onesies printed with Permatone Inks by @tinkerbyprintink in Melbourne Australia

3) Permatone Inks are supplied ready to use on a wide range of natural and synthetic fibres. There is no need to mix with a base or with additives before you can print. These inks can be printed on almost anything from 100% cotton to 100% polyester.

4) Permatone Inks are very durable, such that the prints often outlast the printed garment, contributing to long-lasting, slow fashion. However, even with this durability, the inks are still 85% biodegradable.

5) All Permaset Inks (including Permatone) are produced using 100% renewable energy. Since commissioning its 100kW solar array in September 2019, Colormaker Industries, the manufacturer of Permatone Inks, has saved 460 tonnes of GHGs.

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