The latest in DTF printing from YES Group

Over the last 27 years YES Group, formally (Your Embroidery Services) has specialised in bringing professional SWF embroidery machines, direct to garment, and UV object printing solutions, with the very latest products and services, direct to your business.

2022 is no exception, YES Group is happy to announce that it has officially partnered with Coldesi USA to supply exclusively in the UK the range of DigitalHeat FX DTF-24H Series direct to film transfer printers.

DigitalHeat FX offers two clear print solutions for DTF printing, the DTF-24H2 (two-head) and DTF-24H4 (four-head).

The DTF-24H2 direct to film printer is able to print up to 100 full size (10x10in) prints per hour, that’s up to 55 linear feet per hour of printing directly on to film. That complete process includes:

  • Printing the images in beautiful, high-resolution, full colour.
  • Automatically applying the specially formulated hot melt or glue powder.
  • Curing the ink and hot melt in the integrated tunnel dryer.
  • Outputting to the take up roll at the end of the process.

In the end you’ll have a 600mm wide roll of high-quality transfers that are to be used at your convenience.

The DigitalHeat FX DTF-24H2 direct to film printer is a perfect addition to an embroidery, direct to garment, or transfer print business. It gives true flexibility and stunning transfer prints with a soft hand feel when compared to screen printing, traditional toner-based transfers, and cuts out the need for pre-treatments in the DTG process. The transfers are also fast and easy to apply in just 15 seconds!

With the addition in the range of the DigitalHeat FX DTF-24H4 direct to film printer from Coldesi you can print up to 600mm x 100mtr long but do it a whole lot faster.

the DigitalHeat FX DTF-24H4 benefits from four heads and prints up to 300 full size shirts per hour, that’s 145 (or better) linear feet per hour but it is a bigger machine!

So, if you’re wanting to print S, M, L, XL to XXXL prints then either model will work, it’s just then down to how fast you need it to be and how much you need to print!

For further information on how YES Group can help your business grow call the team on: 01623 863343.

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