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The Texfinity T-Towel

Friedheim International is an established UK supplier of equipment to the UK packaging, printing and binding industries since 1885. Representing over 30 leading European equipment manufacturers, Friedheim International is renowned for its leading product development and customer service within the UK.

How do you consistently fold and package apparel (of any type) ready for storage or delivery once they’ve been printed or embroidered?

The answer is the Beck-Texfinity T-shirt folding line from Friedheim International.

By utilising two pieces of equipment from Frieheim’s existing range, the company has been able to produce a garment folding and polythene bagging line that can produce over 1,200 products per hour.

By adding a second Texfinity folder, you can achieve over 2,400 pieces per hour with one Beck bagging machine. The line can fold T shirts, polo shirts, sweat shirts and hoodies with minimal manual intervention and at a consistent production rate. The success of this system has been proven with numerous UK sales since its launch in late 2017.

Beck Packautomaten

As one of the world’s leading wrapping machine manufacturers celebrating its 60th year in 2018, Beck incorporates the latest technology into its fully automatic Serienpacker range. The Beck range can be adapted to handle a wide variety of products, as well as being suitable for virtually any branch of industry. The Beck Serienpacker range of four-side-seal machines offer protective, flexible and versatile film packaging, perfect for wrap high quality apparel and promotional wear for storage or distribution.

Secure protection against moisture, dirt, dust or damage is just as guaranteed with this as visually appealing packaging. The tear-resistant and universally usable material makes possible flexible solutions that can be customised individually for bespoke and larger orders.

  • Production speeds of over 60 packs per minute are possible.
  • Available in three-sided or four-sided sealing options.
  • Fully programable HDMI touch screen as standard.
  • Machines with manual or automatic product feeding.
  • Fully automated models for in-line continuous production.
  • Various product shape, size and weight capabilities.
  • Custom-designed models to fit customer requirements.
  • Capable of using all types of wrapping film including PE, PP and PO.


The Texfinity T-Shirt is able to sort and fold all kinds of garments such as T shirts, polo shirts, sweat shirts and hoodies.

The T-Shirt sorts automatically the various pieces based on length, thus, pre-sorting is not required. Optionally the T-Shirt can also sort based on width in case pieces of the same length exist that require a different kind of folding. Once the pieces are folded, they are directed towards a dedicated, programmable, stacker station. As soon as the required stack height is achieved (one to 10 items), the pile is put on the final delivery belt (included in the machine). This belt can be located on the left or right side and delivers the piles either to the front or the rear of the machine direct in to the Beck Serienpacker.

A T shirt on the feeding table

As the T-Shirt is able to make up to four folds, many different folding patterns are possible. For each type, a separate folding pattern can be programmed, making the machine extremely flexible. Compared with similar equipment, the T-Shirt has a minimum amount of moving parts and it is built out of standard components.

The primary folds are carried out by a pulsed air flow. Before the piece has entered completely the primary fold, the length is measured. Based upon this, one of the many possible folding patterns can be selected. The folding templates are automatically put in the right position and the pulsed air spray nozzles fold the piece tightly around the templates.

  • Fastest folder in the apparel folding market.
  • High quality consistent folding for all garment sizes.
  • Flexible machine with easy programming and operator control.
  • Simple machine design for easy access and maintenance.
  • Connection via internet for online diagnostics saving down time.
  • Industry-leading three year warranty available.

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