A single pallet digital machine capable of changing your business

With an eye on the future and innovation, ROQ has presented at ITMA and FESPA new digital and packaging machines: ROQ GO, ROQ READY, ROQ OUT.

The ROQ GO is a 100% digital machine, with a unique pallet, which incorporates the latest technological innovations in the digital world. With the support of a pre-treatment machine, ROQ Ready, it’s able to print high quality parts that are highly resistant to washing. It’s perfect for small productions or business related to e-commerce.

The ROQ GO is an industrial stand-alone DTG machine. This 100% digital printer has a single pallet with a printing area of 50cmx70cm. Its industrial printheads are repairable and has recirculation increasing their longevity. The ink prices are also very competitive.

This robust machine prints garments with excellent handfeel and with good wash fatness too. ROQ Ready is an automatic machine that combines pre-treatment, press and dryer units. This machine combined with the ROQ GO, a 100% digital single pallet machine, allows for an efficient workflow and the creation of unique parts

The ROQ Out is ideal for folding, packaging and labelling t shirts, sweats and polos, always adapting to the needs of each project, getting the garment ready to be shipped to the customer. The new machines are already available in the market.


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