EverythingBranded training team prepare to fly to Las Vegas

L-R: Brett Bunting, Codie Mumford, Duco Verwys, Lucas Theoudoulou, Tom Pickworth and Alex Morrell

Six members of the EverythingBranded team are preparing to fly over to Las Vegas, on Wednesday, August 3, to help recruit and train the new USA team at the company’s new office, set to open in the first weeks of October.

Following rapid growth since its launch in 2017, EverythingBranded USA, sister company to EverythingBranded.co.uk, is opening its new office in Las Vegas. To assist in the initial recruitment of new staff over in the West Coast, this team of six are flying over to train sales and design staff, as well as bringing the existing company culture overseas.

Codie Mumford, EverythingBranded USA account manager, said: “This is the opportunity of a lifetime. As someone who joined the company early on, it’s amazing to see how much we’ve achieved in such a small amount of time and I’m so proud to be part of it.”

Ms Mumford is being accompanied by fellow account managers, Duco Verwys, Brett Bunting and Tom Pickworth, who will be showing the new recruits the sales process. Their floor manager, Lucas Theoudoulou will be travelling with the team also.

In addition, in-house graphic designer, Alex Morrell, will also be accompanying the team.

EverythingBranded prides itself on the existence of an in-house design team that can work closely with the sales team to make sure the print design is to a client’s specific requirements. Therefore, recruiting a team to work in the new Las Vegas office is a key part of the expansion.

Paul Rowlett, founder and CEO, added: ” I would like to say a massive thanks to our overseas training team, this trip, unlike other overseas trips, is not an incentive or a jolly, these dedicated people have been selected due to their exemplary customer service and passion for the business. The plan going forward is to give all the team a chance to experience the American culture and help with training as I strongly believe a mixed sales culture can only benefit our customers and build a great working relationship.”

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