More than 4,000 cotton farmers now converted to organic

To protect the biodiversity, people and planet Tiger Cotton works to convert conventional cotton farming to organic – and after five years the first milestone has been reached.

With the Tiger Cotton project, Neutral has now reached the first milestone with the first 4,000 Indian cotton farmers converted into certified organic.

The next generation of farmers are already enrolled in the project and the goal is to convert all 14,000 cotton farmers in Madhya Pradesh and help the area become truly organic. Additionally, work has started to include organic cotton in conversion from other areas in India.

As a market leading producer of sustainable apparel and accessories to the B2B-market, having international sustainability standards covering the entire supply chain, Neutral and Tiger Cotton is built on the highest social, ethical and environmental criteria for clothing production. The defining  aspects of Certified Responsibility have been a holistic approach driven by commitment and an overall focus on action and continuous improvements to cotton farming, factory workers and to the environment.

Why tigers?

Deep inside Madhya Pradesh in Central India, lies two of the oldest nature reserves in India. These reserves are the home for thriving wildlife, untouched biodiversity and the  iconic Bengal tiger.

In between these two reserves live around 14,000 small cotton farmers, whose fields function as important Tiger Corridors. To preserve these corridors, Neutral teamed up with WWF India to be part of a pilot study to promote organic cotton agriculture in the surrounding areas of Madhya Pradesh. Neutral encourages and supports farmers to go from conventional to organic cotton farming, so  farmers, tigers, and the wildlife can thrive without the toxic impact of pesticides and chemicals.

The first Tiger Cotton farmers lived and worked side by side with the great Bengal tiger in this corridor in Madhya Pradesh, India. Tiger Cotton is named after them and the tiger is a symbol of all the biodiversity and wildlife that regenerate when a conventional farmer converts into organic.

It started out as a pilot project in collaboration with WWF India and has now grown into a full scale product-line converting farmers all over India.

Expanding the collection for 2023

The Tiger Cotton garments are all label free and consist of products which include T shirts, sweatshirts and shopping bags. And as is the case with all other products from Neutral, the garments are certified with the highest standards including 100% GOTS Certified Organic Conversion Cotton, EU Eco-label, SA8000, Oeko-Tex. The range is vegan-friendly and made using renewable energy only.

For the coming 2023 season, the Tiger Cotton collection has grown by three new styles, made from organic cotton in conversion. All Label Free like the rest of the Tiger Cotton collection and all available in the beginning 2023. To the Tiger family will be added a Kids T shirt, a Ladies T shirt  in white, black, sports grey and navy. And a Twill Bag in nature and black. When purchasing one of these new styles, your choice has a direct impact on how many farmers will convert to organic – making it the obvious choice for both the farmers, tigers, biodiversity and for the planet.

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