New to the UK market brand protects the planet


New to the UK market and exclusive to PenCarrie, Native Spirit is inspired by the desire to protect what is most precious: our planet.

Native Spirit develops high-quality essentials made from eco-friendly fabrics that are kind to the planet; organic, recycled and sustainable materials, such as organic cotton, recycled polyester, recycled cotton, linen, lyocell and modal.

The brand has designed its very first collection to limit pollution and the production of virgin textiles. Featuring unique and minimalist pieces Native Spirit’s T shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, shorts and trousers are available in a wide range of colours inspired by our planet’s most beautiful landscapes: raw, bold and natural.

Native Spirit loves colours and we adore nature

The pieces in Native Spirit’s collection are available in a wide array of colours directly inspired by nature and the landscapes loved so much.

The teams have paid special attention to the shades used to dye the clothing: volcanic and lunar greys, shades of ocean blue, Amazonian greens, and soft, fruity colours; these are just some of the many shades and possibilities found in nature that have inspired Native Spirit to develop meticulous colourways for each piece in the collection.

The team wanted to create simple, high-quality, customisable basics.


Native Spirit’s basics come with quality as standard

Because simplicity and choice don’t always go together, Native Spirit has decided to focus on designing high-quality basics made from recycled and organic materials to limit the production of virgin textiles. The choice was to get back to basics in full colour.

Native Spirit’s clothes are eco-responsible and made entirely from noble, organic and recycled materials such as linen, organic and recycled cotton, lyocell, recycled polyester, modal, and recycled polyamide. Native Spirit is about taking steps in the right direction and producing quality, clean and responsible clothing with a low environmental impact.

All the clothes in the collection are customisable, come with no label, and are delivered in recycled boxes. Plastic has been completely banned from Native Spirit’s supply chain. This commitment is in keeping with the wishes of a creative and committed team.

Native Spirit came up with the idea, now it’s over to you.

Recycle to be a better consumer

Acting for the future also means buying and producing in a more responsible way. Native Spirit believes that brands have an important role to play in consumer information as well as in the ecological transition, which is currently under way. The team’s aim is to drive this increased awareness.

Responsibility for a cleaner world involves the manufacture and purchase of sustainable textiles and responsible consumption.

Native Spirit’s approach has led to a desire to cherish our natural resources and make the best use of the raw materials available on our beautiful planet. Recycle, produce better, consume better.

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