New Fusion IQ control board is added to Hotronix Fusion heat presses

Every Hotronix Fusion heat press will now come equipped with the new Fusion IQ control board.

Fusion IQ features advanced wireless technology, allowing users to interact with their heat press anywhere at any time with the web-based portal. This line of technologically advanced presses provides any business with insights into job and operator performance, and allows users to make more proactive, data-driven changes in real time.

Users can do the following:

  • Track heat press usage – users can make sure they are getting the most out of their heat press by tracking how much time their heat press is working vs. sitting idle.
  • Discover the productivity of each heat press – users can access real-time reporting and adjust their production capacity as needed.
  • Track employee performance – users can gain insight into when and how their employees are working, if there are any application issues, and manage permissions for accurate application without added supervision.
  • Follow total impressions – the Fusion IQ measures every preheat and every heat application so users can stay up-to-date on the number of times each heat press was engaged.
  • Utilise pre-set applications for popular items – users can eliminate mistakes by using factory installed pre-sets, or can create their own to accurately apply the types of transfers and films customers are ordering.
  • Set up expectations – users can see how many times an operator went outside a pre-set application. Avoid production missteps to maintain the quality and durability of products.

Fusion IQ will be available next month from Target Transfers.

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