Analogue & Digital: Delivering on customer demands

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If you’re tethered to screen printing alone, growing your business in the digital age will remain a challenge.

Print runs are shrinking. Customers expect greater variety – more materials, more colours, graphic detail, personalization, quick turnaround, and responsible business practices. Pandemics, inflation, supply chain disruptions, labour shortages, and other market dynamics demand agility and flexibility to stay profitable. E-commerce is king, and analogue production means you’re leaving money on the table.

Kornit Digital is pioneering sustainable, on-demand digital direct-to-garment production technologies that give you the tools you need to capitalize on any opportunity, eliminate overstocks, and generate more profit from less labour, energy, materials, time, and floorspace. It’s quick to integrate with online stores for fast, streamlined fulfilment producing ready-to-ship garments in minutes.

Screens will always be reliable for consistent, high-volume production to support your key business contracts. Many of our customers are screen printers who’ve adopted digital on-demand print systems to supplement their screen operation, for a hybrid fulfilment strategy that optimizes productivity and margins. They need never turn down a job for being too small, too many colours, too detailed, or needed too soon.

Digital means increased visibility to operations, greater consistency and accountability, and higher reactivity to customer demands and cultural trends or events. It means creating samples at the push of a button, expanding the applications you can deliver, and boosting your capacity during peak seasons. When it’s harder and harder to find good screen-print personnel, training users to operate and maintain digital systems is simpler.

No screens to wash and reclaim. No analogue art creation. No MOQs. No stacks of mixed inks waiting to be used or discarded. Just upload a digital file, push a button, print, dry, and ship. It’s not a replacement for screens; it’s a chance to open new sales channels with eye-popping graphics and colours, superior colour matching, applications consistency, top-quality impressions, and a durability to meet your customers’ demands, on a wide variety of both natural and synthetic materials.

That’s what GoCustom Clothing discovered when they supplemented their screens with Kornit’s world-class digital print systems. A family business based in Ludlow, GoCustom Clothing still relies on screens (and embroidery) for their large orders, while Kornit empowers them to fulfil orders down to a single piece – profitably, every time.

On the operational benefits of going digital, they say, “the Kornit is a great machine that has a small footprint, but for our customers, it allows us to do small print runs. It’s very cost-effective, a really efficient machine that gives us the throughput we require. The KornitX workflow gives us the ability to connect our customers’ stores directly to our platform.”

Creating new opportunities where screens couldn’t? “The KornitX workflow allows us to connect with our customers and take small orders, which are processed very simply. For example, we have a Shopify app, so if somebody is running a Shopify store, they just use our app and can immediately design products directly within Shopify, which would then come through to our system, and we can print and ship them.”

The explosion of e-commerce opportunities ensures that, for GoCustom Clothing, “he machine itself is run here on two shifts, and is pretty much constantly in use, giving us the capability we need with its speed, the throughput, and even the eco sense the machines gives us through its sustainability options.”

On Thursday, 30th November, Kornit Digital presents Analog & Digital: Delivering on Customer Demands, an online event exploring the evolving needs of your customers, why screen printers should consider bulking up their operations with sustainable digital production capabilities, why digital is critical to answering the growing call – from customers and regulators alike – for safe and sustainable practices, how businesses like you ensure profitability and growth in the years to come, regardless of the unforeseen disruptions to come.

Register today to join host Debbie McKeegan of Texintel, Kingfisher Leisurewear Managing Director Angus Mitchell, and Stanley/Stella Brand Ambassador Gary Layzell as they discuss proven success strategies for screen printers who’ve gone digital. Have your questions answered, build your business case, and safeguard and grow your operation in 2024 and beyond!


Analog & Digital: Delivering on Customer Demands

30th November 2023 14:00 BST


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