Check out the Tajima PAX and Tajima HAR from AJS Embroidery Services

Created using the Tajima PAX

The Tajima PAX is able to sew, embroider and perforate leather, Alcantara and laminated hides. Also, in addition to the normal embroidery head, it is equipped with a special punching head to perforate the material put on the frame thanks to punches of different diameters. Perforating, sewing and embroidery take place without ever moving the material from the frame. This allows the user to reach unprecedented levels of precision.

The multi-head Tajima PAX is a versatile machine designed specifically for the footwear and leather sector. It combines a robust embroidery head with a special punching head able to cut and pierce any type of leather without leaving any traces of dirt or burning typically released by laser technology. It offers the possibility to cut, pierce and decorate leather at the same time, all with only one machine.

For example, it can create the shape of the uppers, while embroidering and decorating, working with up to nine colours.

Tajima HAR is a new generation of industrial machines that allows multi-coloured embroidery and stitching, even with thick threads on different materials such as leather, faux leather and padded fabrics.

It is characterised by a multiple head system available in versions with six or eight heads and the possibility to manage up to eight panels simultaneously, on which can be applied a single process or decorations of different colours, resulting in considerable optimisation of the production process. HAR also makes it possible to use up to nine colours of thread in the same design, which allows creating very original graphics.

The machine is perfect for decorations in the high fashion, furniture, automotive and related industries, where the processes require very large ranges. Both machines offer incredible production performances able to unleash the creativity of designers, improve the quality of the products and optimise the operating speed and costs.

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