Making it easy for you to be unique!

The market for printed T shirts has grown consistently over the last years – this makes it even more difficult to attract new customers. Folker Stachetzki, marketing manager at Brother, details how you can stand out in this crowded marketplace.

For sure there are several ways to stand out from the crowd above other textile printers. For example, you can hire an expensive designer or pay a lot for license rights.

Another way is to print not just centrally on the garment but to have unique designs accurate on pockets, combining DTG printing with embroidery, to add rhinestones or by using other techniques to upgrade the shirt.

But how to do this by preventing several test prints for finding the correct position or misprints because of wrong positioning? Even a few millimeters may lead to unusable printed garments. This costs always a lot of time and money.

Several producers have tackled this problem with different methods and approaches. Which ones suit your production needs best is something we cannot judge but we can help you finding it.

The projector solution and the camera solution

Let´s have a look at the two most effective solutions which are on the market right now. An absolute precise printing on any position on the garment is guaranteed, with these two solutions.

The projector solution projects an image of the design to be printed on the (already placed) garment.

An advantage of this technique is that the operator sees immediately what design is loaded to the machine and where it will be printed. If the positioning is not exactly where it should be, the operator just has to move the garment until it matches the required position. So he or she doesn´t need to touch the original design anymore.

Some projector solutions offer in addition the possibility to move, rotate or scale the design with a keyboard or mouse.

The camera solution works slightly different. An HD camera which is mounted to the printer takes a snapshot of the placed garment and in the delivered software the operator can place and also scale, rotate and move the design until it´s in the correct position. Than it will be send to the machine for printing. This solution is perfect, if the same design shall be printed frequently but in different sizes or on different positions but it also needs at least limited computer skills.

For both you need a laptop or PC on your DTG machine.

When you work with one of these options you will have fewer mistakes in the production workflow.

Another advantage is that you will immediately see additional benefits. Why not increase your product range by printing on other garments? Shoes? No problem anymore! Bags? Easy to do now! Baby clothing? Print on wherever you want!

In addition to these two systems more and more suppliers offer platen systems which allow printing on the sleeves, shirt pockets, shoes, over zippers and many more possibilities – in combination with the above mentioned systems this can be a boost for your company and as mentioned in the headline – it makes it easy for you to be unique!

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